I used to not be scared to drive in the rain until...

Challenge Day: 11

My husband came up for Presidents day weekend and today I had to drive him to Lexington to fly back to Florida. As I left the airport to head home it began to get dark and rainy. It rained and rained all the way home, but it wasn't just rain, it was windy and the highway was pack with cars and trucks driving far beyond the speed limit in rain. I have never been so scared to drive before, it was the longest most terrible drive home I have ever experienced. I had to asked God to send his angles to protect us on this dark rainy journey home.

The drive normally takes 1hr. and 10 minutes, but it took me almost 2 hours to get home. I finally arrived safely, I thanked God for keeping safe on the road and thought about our pastor sermon this past weekend. At one point he talked about how we take our lives for granted. We go day by day without the knowledge that life is a gift from God. He asked us to consider the fact of driving and how anything can happen to us while we are on the road and when we arrive safely to our destination we should recognize the blessing of being kept safe. Anything can happen to us at any given moment. We need to thank God everyday for the blessed gift of life.


  1. Scary stuff, Karen! Glad to see you're okay and seemed to avoid danger.

    Driving in severe weather can present a challenge to both inexperienced and experienced drivers alike and your story illustrates just how dangerous it can be. I'd like to offer some tips on how to handle driving in these awful situations.


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