Mommy's night out

Challenge Day: 2

Every Tuesday night the guys from our church get together for basketball. In November I had an epiphany, the guys go out to play, why can't I do something with my friends. I called my friend up to see what she did on Tuesday nights while our husbands were playing basketball, she said nothing. I suggested that we should get together and scrapbook, it's a hobby we both share. So, we did and ever since then we have been getting together to scrapbook and talk. We were later joined by another fellow wife who loses her husband to basketball too.

Tuesday scrapbook night has become my mommy's night out, I get to hang out with my girl friends and have adult conversations. The kids all play together and pretty much stay out of our way. Now that we get together, I've realized just how much moms need some time to do something we like and spend time with friends.


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