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At the cross, where I first saw the light

Challenge Day: 54 Easter, what does this day mean to you? While most people are giving and receiving baskets filled with candy from the Easter bunny, that isn't why we celebrate this holiday. It's not about the candy, or the bunny, it's about the Son of God who came to our sinful world, became flesh, suffered, and died for our sins, so that through His death we would have life. Have you ever sat back and thought about it on a personal level? Whether you are religious or not, whether you believe in Him or not, the reality is that He died for you and me! Jesus endured the most painful experience a person can endure and just because he was the Son of God didn't make the pain any less. He died for those that condemned Him and crucified Him, because He loved them all. I have recently begun to really understand the sacrifice, pain, rejection and humiliation he endured for us. He was beat, abused, spit on, criticized, humiliated, all for me. What does Jesus death mean for

Servival of the fastest

Challenge Day: 53 I travel the same 5 mile stretch of freeway every day of the week to take and pick up my son from school. I realized today that in order to make in the driving world you have to be the fastest or be a bully. What happened to being courteous and giving people the right away when they need to merge because they are running out of road? For crying out loud, the freeway has 5 lanes do you really have to drive on the right lane when there is an on ramp and cars need to merge? I have two major driving pet peeves, first is slow drivers, we all know just how frustrating they are. Second, is when I have put my turn signal in advance to let the cars behind me know that I need to change lanes and they blatantly don't move over or speed up but not enough to give me any room. It is then when I wish that real driving was like NASCAR and I could clip someones car and spin them out, but not to hurt them, just to make the point that they were rude. I let people get in and out

Learning to speak

Challenge Day: 52 It was a beautiful sunny day and I thought it would be a nice to take the boys to park to ride their bikes. The park was full of people enjoying a walk, a picnic, or simply being out after a long Winter. Towards the end of the bike ride my oldest, who is 6, decide that it would be funny to start yelling, "Help I'm being kidnapped!" At that exact moment I was holding on to his bike because he was having trouble peddling, so it looked like I was trying to take him. Some of the people around began to stare at me. I had to tell him to stop saying that and that it wasn't funny. I continued to playfully talk to the kids and encourage them on their bike riding until we got to the car. Needless to say, I had a long talk with him on the way home about making false statements. It turned out he really didn't know what he was saying and that he had learned it from a movie. He now knows what it means and when to truly say it. In Stormie Omartian's bo

For He knows the plans

Challenge Day: 51 It's a rainy Monday and my son is off from school today because of parent-teacher conferences, so it's nice. Over all I had a good weekend, great church service and sermon, spent time with friends, and hanging out with my boys. It was much warmer than it should be for this time of year, but it's beautiful outside. The grass is green, the trees are budding, and the array of flowers that have bloomed in my neighborhood are stunning. Although my favorite season is Fall, I am going to miss the change that Spring brings. One day everything is gray and bare and the next all of creation is glowing with colorful beauty. I've learned to appreciate God's beauty more here in Louisville with the change of seasons. I was listening to K-Love today, the DJ was talking about the headlines in the news, from news stations to newspapers to magazine and online, the headlines are of bad things going on all around all over the world. He said that though the world

Why do we ask why all the time

Challenge Day: 50 I'm struggling today with thoughts of why? Why is this happening? Why are we going through this? Why are we going there? Why can't things stay as they are? Why am I so worried about what the future holds for us? I know God is in control of everything, but I think I fear not following His plan for my life because I may not see it. I'm not asking why because I don't trust or doubt God's plan for my life, it's more a question of what do You have in store for us, show me what you want for us because I may not see it. I have to be honest in that I find it hard to know when God is talking to me, but it's just then when He shows me. Even though I hear Him talk to me through books, radio, or flat out answered prayers, I still find it hard to know what He is telling me about myself and my life. Really it's because, as much as I wish He were, He isn't physically here to talk to me. But He is here and he talks to me, He talks to all of u

Why did I ever want to be an adult

Challenge Day: 49 Have you ever heard the expression, being down in the dumps? Well today that someone is me. I know the week is just beginning but I'm feeling really down. On days like these I sit back and think about the carefree life of a child. Why did I every want to be all grown up when I was a kid? Just last week I found myself telling my 6 year old not to rush wanting to grow up and enjoy being a child. Oh my, I sounded just like my father. I remembered his words like it was yesterday. I would tell him how I wanted to be an adult so I could do whatever I wanted. His reply was always the same, "enjoy being a child and do not rush to grow up, your childhood is a great time and you can't ever get those years back." He wished he could go back to being a kid, when life was fun and carefree. Boy was he right! Today, I'm wishing I could go back to my childhood. I couldn't wait for the day that I would turn 21 because then I was totally legal, in society