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Planning Events and Making Memories

I can use just about any excuse to throw a party. Not everyone is cut out for planning events, but I think it's a gift I have, and I really enjoy it. It is exciting for me to start off with a blank slate and go through the creative process until the final product is reached. I've been fortunate that my church's social committee has asked me to be in charge of organizing showers for those getting married or having babies. I always have a theme for my parties, whether it's birthdays or showers. I think having a theme makes them unique, gives them individuality and creates a lasting memory of the event. Our kids have always had themed parties, our youngest son's 1st birthday was a Hawaiian Luau and last year for our 4 year old, the theme was a Star Wars. Prior to this year, I have done three baby showers with really neat themes, Coffee Shop, Royal Indian Luncheon, and Autumn Tea Party. On Saturday night, January 30th, I organized a baby shower event for a friend.

Fitness Week Two

I just completed my second week of the 30 Day Shred. And though I really haven't seen any physical results, I have faith that my body will change. I have to be realistic, after 5 years of not doing any form of physical exercise, I cannot expect my body to change in two weeks. Also, this week I changed my way of eating. I don't believe in diets, but I do believe in eating in moderation. I am going to continue eating what I always have, because for the most part I eat pretty healthy, I just need to cut down on my portions. It's been hard because after I'm done eating I still feel hungry, but I have to keep focused and in time my stomach will get used to it. I also need to cut down on my consumption of sweets, I never had a sweet tooth, but after I had my first child I really craved it. So, I do attribute sweets to my weight gain, with that being said, I think it's okay to have sweets once in a while and in moderation. Another good thing about getting up and e

"Me" Time

Another aspect of my project is taking time for myself. I believe it is important for moms to take time each day to do something for themselves. I personally enjoy sitting down and watching a good chick flick . My kids have been going to bed earlier than normal, which is good because this gives me time for myself. It's a great way to end the day, relax and unwind. All I need is a cup of hot tea and a movie. When I was single, "me time" was something I really looked forward to. Whether I was in school or at work, I could not wait to head home, grab some take out and rent a chick flick . There's something about relaxing and escaping into a good movie. Hence the operative word being good. This week I rented a couple of movies that I thought would be good, however I was sadly mistaken. Last night I watched a poor excuse of a so called " chick flick", the movie was 500 days of Summer. I can summarize it in one word, Awful! The whole point of watching