"Me" Time

Another aspect of my project is taking time for myself. I believe it is important for moms to take time each day to do something for themselves. I personally enjoy sitting down and watching a good chick flick. My kids have been going to bed earlier than normal, which is good because this gives me time for myself. It's a great way to end the day, relax and unwind. All I need is a cup of hot tea and a movie.

When I was single, "me time" was something I really looked forward to. Whether I was in school or at work, I could not wait to head home, grab some take out and rent a chick flick. There's something about relaxing and escaping into a good movie. Hence the operative word being good. This week I rented a couple of movies that I thought would be good, however I was sadly mistaken. Last night I watched a poor excuse of a so called "chick flick", the movie was 500 days of Summer. I can summarize it in one word, Awful! The whole point of watching a chick flick is to laugh and be drawn in by the romance. This movie was the exact opposite, it was dull, depressing, not entertaining, and well it was just plain disappointing.

Tonight, I think I'll check out a chick flick from my own personal collection. Or maybe I'll just forgo the chick flick all together and watch my favorite movie of all time... The Goonies.


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