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It's a BOY!

A week ago today we found out that our 3rd child is once again going to be a boy. When I finally started accepting that I was pregnant I began thinking for sure it was going to be a girl. I originally had always wanted 3 boys, but for some reason this time I was wanting a girl. I can honestly say that I am a boys mom, I am better around boys than girls. I have a father, two brothers, a husband, and two sons, so I'm pretty well oriented when it comes to the male species. With my prior two pregnancies I was sure in my mind and heart that I was having boys, yet this time I was convinced that I was going to have a daughter. I'm not going to lie, the day of the ultrasound was quite disappointing to me. I know, it's horrible to feel like that because you have a living being, a gift from God, growing inside of you and I shouldn't be feeling disappointed about the gender of my baby. But I was, and I felt awful, but I really wanted a girl. I thought it would be nice

The end to 2011

Two thousand eleven has come to an end. It was a good peaceful day, a good way to end the year. Ironically, this year began on a Sabbath day and ended on Sabbath. My sister in law said that the way you begin the year is how your year will be. I began 2011 peaceful, enjoy the restful Sabbath with family. This year however, was anything but peaceful, it was full of trails. I had decided early this week that since it was New Year's Eve on Saturday that we should forgo attending our regular church, but instead sleep in and visit our former church. When we arrived, the church was full beyond capacity, there was nowhere to sit. I stood at the back with the kids and my husband wandered around half inside and outside the church. At one point I was bothered that the church was too small to hold all the attendees comfortably. I headed outside towards my husband and told him that maybe it had not been a good idea to come here. Just then I noticed that my dad and an old family friend g