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My alarm went off this morning at 6:45am. As much as I wanted to stay in my soft comfortable bed, I got kids up, packed lunches, and drove two of my three boys to their first day of school. As summer break has come to an end I reminisce about the time I homeschooled my boys.  Let me start by saying that my boys are back in a brick and mortar school not because homeschool didn’t work out, but because my oldest was who started 6th grade, last year, wanted to experience being in middle school. My middle son also transitioned to brick and mortar this year as well. He wanted to try it out, but he made it clear that if it didn’t work out, he will return to homeschool. Despite the growth of homeschool over the years, there is still a negative stigma about homeschool. There are those who throw their nose up at it. Some skeptics protest about the lack of social skills and lack of learning. I can tell you that those negative ideas are not true and in fact being able to homeschool i