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Disney races are a big deal! I never knew just how popular they were until the year I was left out of the Wine & Dine race beca use it filled up in a matter of two hours. It was now 2017 and I was not going to let that happen again. I sat anxiously checking the time every 5 minutes waiting for 12 o'clock. I had both my laptop and phone open to the RunDisney registration page. As the clock struck twelve I rapidly jumped on! Jackpot! I was able to register! Now that registration was behind me, it was now time to think about the most important part...what costume was I going to wear! My favorite part of Disney races is dressing up and finding awesome costumes. My friend and I kept going back and forth on what costumes we should run in.  Our first idea was to run as cute snowmen, thinking the theme would be Christmas once again. But the theme had changed and it was now going to be Fall Feast. Our first thought about going with Beauty and the Beast characters becau