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Guess where I went this past August? Yep... a Disney Cruise!  We got lucky and were able to get on an end of the summer 3 night Bahamian Disney Cruise. I really love and enjoy a cruise vacation! On Friday we drove to Port Canaveral, FL.  Everyone was extremely excited and eagerly awaited to go over the bridge and see the ship waiting at the docks. I've cruised on Royal Caribbean in the past, before children, and I had a great time. But with Disney Cruise Line it's a whole different experience.  From the moment you pull up to the terminal, you feel like you are transported to a different place. I was like a giddy kid waiting to enter the ship and begin my magical vacation. Because this was our second time on the Disney Dream, I wanted to get everything in that I missed. This time, we made it to the sail away deck party, there were characters, performers, and lots of people dancing and celebrating, as we waited for the ship to set sail. We got early dinner seating