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When I lived in Louisville, I used to visit a bakery near my home in St. Matthews on Sunday mornings to get freshly baked pastries.  There is something special about bakeries for me, I think they are so cozy and homely. Over the years I've been inspired to, on day, open up my own bakery. I really enjoy cooking and baking, it's special to create beautiful tasty sweets. I think a key to a successful business is loving what you do and being passionate about your product. I recently saw an episode of Fixer Upper where Joanna Gaines opened up her own bakery, a dream she'd had for quite sometime. That's what I want, a cute, quaint bakery here in my town. What was most inspiring about Joanna's bakery, besides the decor of course, was her concept.  All she sells are cupcakes and cookies. It's simple and particle. Speaking of cookies, today I'm sharing a great chocolate chip cookie recipe with you.   It has become my go to recipe in our home.


My relationship with running is truly a love hate relationship. As I’m training for a run I hate it, absolutely hate it and wonder why I do this to myself. The day of the race as I’m all dressed up and ready to run, I love it! There is something special about being in a corral surrounded by people who love to do this. When the gun goes off, still as excited as I can be, I take off. My feelings, however, change as I hit a mile and a half, and once again I hate running. This goes on until the last leg of the race, then as I’m approaching the finish line, I love it again. I am pumped and full of adrenaline, I could run another 3 miles, because running is great! This is my running cycle. I've said it before, I run not because I enjoy it, but because it's something that pushes me  outside of my comfort zone and it feels good to do something that doesn't come easy to me. Two weeks ago I ran the Disney Star Wars Dark Side 5k. This was my first race since having