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Rekey the lock

Challenge Day: 1 I've been doing a lot of work around our house for the past 6 months to make sure it's up to par for sale. One of the last details was working on the front door. When we moved in almost 5 years ago we weren't able to use our front door because it had some strange mechanism that locked the door from behind and it couldn't be opened with a key. I requested the help of fellow church members in hopes that I could get the door working. Well I got the help and all it took was some moving here and there and rekeying the lock. As I waited a few short minutes for the gentleman to change the configuration of the lock to fit the key I had taken, I thought about how moms are similar to that lock. We are able to change over and over to what ever new event or situation may come our way.

My 60 day blogging challenge

Today is January 3oth and as you can see I haven't blogged since the 1st day of the year. I wrote last year, about my passion for writing and how I hope to one day be able to write professionally. Like anything, you have to practice, that was why I began this blog. I wanted to write about the things that mattered to me and others. I was talking to my husband yesterday and telling him how I have been so overwhelmed, with everything that had been going on the last few months, that I haven't had time to blog. He said that was precisely the right time to sit down and write, forcing myself to write under pressure. I do remember when I wrote for my college newspaper, meeting deadlines, making sure the layout was finished in time for printing, it was so exciting. My husband suggested that I micro blog, to help get me back into a routine. He was actually given this tack last year in one of his MBA classes. They were to micro blog everyday for 21 days. The professor gave them a

Here's to a new year

The first day of the year 2011 landed on the Sabbath, a day of rest. Maybe it could be an example of what we should reflect on for this new year, rest from the worries of life. Every year you hear people say that this new year is going to be better than the last, and somehow at the end of the year it didn't turn out as they had hoped. Why? Do we set too many expectations, unrealistic resolutions, or do we look at all the negative instead of the blessings? I' m not one to make new years resolutions, because to be quite honest, no one really sticks to them, and in turn causes more disappointment. I have come to a point in my life where all I want is to have peace and happiness in what I have. I know that everyday can't be peaceful and happy but I if you learn to be happy with what I have and the blessings I receive, life won't be so disappointing. This past year brought new changes for our lives, my husband got a new job and has us relocating to Florida. After 6 y