My 60 day blogging challenge

Today is January 3oth and as you can see I haven't blogged since the 1st day of the year. I wrote last year, about my passion for writing and how I hope to one day be able to write professionally. Like anything, you have to practice, that was why I began this blog. I wanted to write about the things that mattered to me and others.

I was talking to my husband yesterday and telling him how I have been so overwhelmed, with everything that had been going on the last few months, that I haven't had time to blog. He said that was precisely the right time to sit down and write, forcing myself to write under pressure. I do remember when I wrote for my college newspaper, meeting deadlines, making sure the layout was finished in time for printing, it was so exciting.

My husband suggested that I micro blog, to help get me back into a routine. He was actually given this tack last year in one of his MBA classes. They were to micro blog everyday for 21 days. The professor gave them a specific topic to look for in every day things and write about it. So, I am beginning another challenge this year, 60 days of blogging about things that affect me as a woman or things that I see everyday that relate to me as a mom.


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