The new year puts me the mood to rearrange my house. In the time we have lived in our current home, I think I have literally moved the furniture in my living around in every possible way, which means I have most likely exhausted all possible ways to rearrange my furniture, lol. The very moment I begin to put away Christmas decorations my wheels begin turning and I start to wonder, hmm... would my living room look better if I moved the sofa over here… or would this plant would look better over there?    

I love to decorate and arrange my house to be more comfortable and function better. This sort of thing makes me very happy!  I love to have a well organized and neat home that suits all of my family’s needs. Being a stay at home mom and housewife, my home is where I spend my entire day, it’s both my place of work and my sanctuary.  So I want it to the best it can be.

Current Living Room Layout

My husband makes fun of me because he says I can’t leave the furniture in our house as it is, and the only reason I don’t change our room around, as often, is because our bed is too big to move. Which is true, but I have managed to move it around 3 times.  

I think there's always a better way to the lay out of your furniture.  Once I find the one that works it stays as is. For example, other than changing shelving units, my son, Sebastian's room has stayed the same since it was themed to Star Wars 3 years ago. The best way to have a clean and tidy home is to be organized. Having a place for everything is important.  And if something doesn’t have a place, get rid of it… throw it away or donate it.  

Third Time's a Charm
One way I keep my home organized is using bookcases and shelving units. I've seen my fair share of bookcases and shelving units that are a hot mess. But don't be scared or discouraged, the key is to not fill them with clutter.

Our style is modern so we like clean lines and simplicity, but I like to throw in a little farmhouse here and there, without my husband noticing. I love IKEA bookcases and shelving units, they are simple and have that modern look I like. We have a few selections in our home. One of my favorite pieces is the HYLLIS shelf unit. It's a versatile piece that I think would work with any style, it can be modern or farmhouse.

My Kitchen Accessories Display

Giovanni's Lego Room Display
We have two libraries, one in the living room and one in the bonus room for the boys books and games.  I like the style of the KALLAX… 16 squares that separate the books.

Living Room Library

Bonus Room Library
To accommodate all the new Star Wars toys Sebastian got over the holidays, I had to switch to the GERSBY bookcases.  This tall unit is almost 6 feet tall and has 6 shelves giving him more room to display all of his toys.
Sebastian's Star Wars Room Display
These pretty and practical updates make a big impact without breaking the bank. Make 2018 a year to start fresh, get rid of clutter and unnecessary things. Have simplicity in your life, not matter your style.


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