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The sun sets on another day

Challenge Day: 60 Today was a long day, a very long day. My plans, as usual, were quite different that what actually happened. We were staying with our friends, since our house was empty, and we were going to get up and have breakfast, hang out, and say our goodbyes. Then we were going back to the house, pick up our belongings and close the door one last time. That afternoon we were to be on our way down to Nashville to a friends birthday party and then on to Chattanooga to my aunts. This is what actually happened. My husband I got up at 9am, got breakfast on the way, headed home to clean and patch up anything that was visible. What we thought was going to take us 2-3 hours turned into an all day project. On top of everything, my boys who were at my friends house got sick, well one of them did. I got a call from my friend saying that my oldest had a fever, then not too long after, she called again saying he now had pink eye. So, what I thought was going to be a somber day for me t

Graduation Day

Challenge Day: 59 Today I drove my son to school for the last time. No more waking up at 7am, at least for the summer. He completed his first year of school. It's unbelievable that just over 9 months ago I took him to his first day of school and now the year is over. Tonight at his graduation he was so proud and excited about his accomplishment and achievements. It was also an emotional night for me, well actually for both my husband and I, because our little boy didn't just graduate, it was also his last time at Louisville Adventist Academy. Today was the last day that he would see his friends and teachers. I am so grateful and blessed that he was able to attend LAA. As the time approached for him to begin school, I struggled with the decision of where to send him. I wanted him to be person and not just a number in a classroom. It's funny how what at one time was not an option turned out to be the right fit. We made the decision to place my son in a private school a

Looking back isn't always good

Challenge Day: 58 I meant to write this post last Thursday, but Blogger was down and then I got busy with the daily grind after that. Last week learned a harsh reality, no matter how you pick up from past mistakes and though you are forgiven and the sin is forgotten, the consequences of those mistakes linger throughout the years. It's part of human nature, you do something you aren't supposed and those actions have consequences. As much as I wish that my past would stay in the past and be forgotten, it finds a way to creep up and find me. We shouldn't let the past get us down or ruin who we are now. Though the effects of our past my stay with us throughout our life, it shouldn't define us. Yes, we have pasts and with that comes things we wish didn't, but I think we can overcome them. The one thing I can take from this is to teach my children why it's important to live a good and Godly lives and hope that they don't make the same mistakes. Yes they wil

What being a mom means to me

Challenge Day: 57 When I was looking for the definition of the word mother the majority of the ones I found described a mother as one who gives birth to a child. But I know that just giving birth to a child doesn't make you a mother. There are women who didn't give birth to their children and they are as much mothers as those with biological children. The definition that I thought best exemplified what it means to be a mom was; t o watch over, nourish, and protect maternally. I read many of my friends comments on facebook today, but one particular comment stood out the most. This friend said that it was a blessing that God had chosen her to be a mom. I never looked at it that way, I always thought my kids were the blessing. But really it is a blessing that God chose me and gave me the job and responsibility for these little gifts. I get to celebrate this day because of the two gifts that God has given me. My kids have changed my life for the better and I could not imagi

Enlightment through writing

Challenge Day: 56 I woke up today with desire to write. So far I have finally caught up with some of the post I had started and didn't finish. Lately I've been really inspired by the things I read and hear. I love to write, it allows me to express myself and gives me peace. It's an escape for me. I began to wonder, though, can anyone write? Am I a write or do I have an ability that everyone has? Or can I really do something different? It comes pretty easy for me, and it's fun. I have a dream to one day be able to write a book. The hardest thing for me is figuring out what I want to write about. I don't just want to write a book, I want to write a book that inspires and touches peoples lives, much like the ones I've been reading lately. I have recently realized that reading is knowledge, it's is such an enlightenment for the soul. There is never enough knowledge on any subject that one can have. I've never been much of a reader, but now it's l

Through the sands of time

Challenge Day: 55 Three weeks from today we will finally set sail to Orlando, Florida. Not really set sail, as we are going by car, but you know what I mean. I can't believe that on the 15th it will be 6 months exactly that my husband went to Orlando. I never thought that we were going to still be here 6 months later. The good thing is that my son is finishing his school year here. Our home is still on the market, sigh, and still no one is interested. They just don't like our house and all the complaints are of things that we cannot change. This Friday, after reading yet again, more negative feedback, I decided that I am not going to harp or stress about this house anymore. I actually was a little excited about moving, this past week we decided to have all our personal belongings packed and moved to Orlando when we leave. I would like to leave for Florida with at least an offer, but I'm leaving our house in God's hands. He knows what we need and knows the plans H