Looking back isn't always good

Challenge Day: 58

I meant to write this post last Thursday, but Blogger was down and then I got busy with the daily grind after that. Last week learned a harsh reality, no matter how you pick up from past mistakes and though you are forgiven and the sin is forgotten, the consequences of those mistakes linger throughout the years. It's part of human nature, you do something you aren't supposed and those actions have consequences. As much as I wish that my past would stay in the past and be forgotten, it finds a way to creep up and find me.

We shouldn't let the past get us down or ruin who we are now. Though the effects of our past my stay with us throughout our life, it shouldn't define us. Yes, we have pasts and with that comes things we wish didn't, but I think we can overcome them. The one thing I can take from this is to teach my children why it's important to live a good and Godly lives and hope that they don't make the same mistakes. Yes they will make their own choices and make their own mistakes, but hopefully they can learn from mine.

I do believe that when we make wrong choices and realize that we need to get back on track, God helps us get back on the straight and narrow. God takes our past and buries it as deep as the deepest ocean, but because of sin we still can drag the consequences with us. The Bible says, in Romans 8:28, and we know that God causes everything to work together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose for them. We can be better despite of who we were, because of God.


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