Through the sands of time

Challenge Day: 55

Three weeks from today we will finally set sail to Orlando, Florida. Not really set sail, as we are going by car, but you know what I mean. I can't believe that on the 15th it will be 6 months exactly that my husband went to Orlando. I never thought that we were going to still be here 6 months later. The good thing is that my son is finishing his school year here. Our home is still on the market, sigh, and still no one is interested. They just don't like our house and all the complaints are of things that we cannot change.

This Friday, after reading yet again, more negative feedback, I decided that I am not going to harp or stress about this house anymore. I actually was a little excited about moving, this past week we decided to have all our personal belongings packed and moved to Orlando when we leave. I would like to leave for Florida with at least an offer, but I'm leaving our house in God's hands. He knows what we need and knows the plans He has for us, so I'm not going to worry, because the reality is that His will will be done either way. I am now going to focus on the next chapter of our lives.

I know that through this process God is teaching something, patience maybe. And trust, but true trust, the kind of trust where I can let go of the control that I want to have. I feel like He's saying, "Karen let all your worries go, I am taking care of the situation for you, trust me and have patience. You will see why I had you wait." It's really a hard thing for humans to do, but sometimes we just have to close our eyes, let go and know that God is there.


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