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The Road to a Lighter, Leaner Me Part 2

I began my fitness routine once again at the beginning of the month. This is pretty much a do over as I had to stop working out. I started the month of June weighing 165 lbs. My ideal weight goal is 130 lbs. but I will very happy at 135 lbs. One of the things that I took from my friend's fitness routine was consistency and number of workout days. She works out 7 days a week, but I will be working out 5 days, Monday through Friday. I found the trick for me to be consistent, I've been working out early in the morning right after my husband leaves for work and before my kids get up. By doing this I get my exercise in early and I have more energy throughout the day. I found that when I would put off exercising for later in the day, I would find some excuse to not do it and in turn didn't exercise for that day. Originally at the beginning of the year I began working out with a goal to lose 35lbs by July 18th, however the summer wedding I was going to be attending was moved