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La Isla del Encanto… the island of enchantment… that is the popular name given to the island of Puerto Rico. In summer of 2017 we visited Puerto Rico on our family vacation.. we spent 8 days on the island.  This was the first time my boys and I had been to PR. Tony used to spend his summers there, as a kid, with his grandparents. I particularly enjoyed this trip because we had the opportunity to visit several places during our stay.  We flew from Fort Lauderdale, FL to the capital city of San Juan, Puerto Rico. Shortly after arriving we drove to the southwest central part of the island to visit Tony’s grandmother in the town of Adjuntas.  ADJUNTAS Adjuntas is known as the land of the sleeping giant because the mountain range looks like a giant sleeping on his side.  It’s located in a mountainous range so the climate is mild. The days we were there the weather was overcast and rainy, but pleasant because we didn’t experience