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Competeing with the "others"

I have been a stay at home mom/house wife for the past 7 years. during this time I haven't felt the need or worry to compete with anyone. Most of my friends are also stay home moms, our roles in life a pretty much the same, we care for our children, husbands, and home. Our commonality actually bonds us together, pushing competition away. So, why am I know finding myself competing now? I'm not competing with my friends, I'm in competition with those I don't know, the "others." I think our roles as moms have lead us to believe that the way we look doesn't matter. I'm a stay at home mom for crying out loud, my job requires me to look "comfortable." I don't have to impress anyone! It recently hit me, I do need to impress someone... my husband. This whole time I'm thinking my husband loves me, he doesn't care if I look don't look my best. Reality is, no he does care how I look. And who are the "others?" The other wom

When things go wrong...

It's been a while since I last wrote any blog entries. November has been a really trying month for me, a lot had been going on and writing was the last thing that I though off. Tonight however, as I laid in bed, my thoughts came rushing all at once. I seem to do my best thinking at night when all is calm. Looking back at the things that I have gone through I realise that I could have only gotten through it with God's help. I'm not trying to get all religious here, but the truth is that only through God that I had the strength to go day after day without falling apart. There were many nights where I laid in bed crying asking God when was this all going to end, but then I would find myself asking Him for peace and I was able to sleep and get rest. A pastor once told me that I shouldn't seek God to solve my problems but that I should allow my problems to bring me closer to Him. I realized that I was seeking God to solve my problems so that everything could be okay a