When things go wrong...

It's been a while since I last wrote any blog entries. November has been a really trying month for me, a lot had been going on and writing was the last thing that I though off. Tonight however, as I laid in bed, my thoughts came rushing all at once. I seem to do my best thinking at night when all is calm.

Looking back at the things that I have gone through I realise that I could have only gotten through it with God's help. I'm not trying to get all religious here, but the truth is that only through God that I had the strength to go day after day without falling apart. There were many nights where I laid in bed crying asking God when was this all going to end, but then I would find myself asking Him for peace and I was able to sleep and get rest.

A pastor once told me that I shouldn't seek God to solve my problems but that I should allow my problems to bring me closer to Him. I realized that I was seeking God to solve my problems so that everything could be okay and I could go on. Isn't that using God? I was using God for my convenience. If I seek God to have a relationship with Him, which is what He wants, He there ready to assist me in any way. That doesn't mean He is going to take all my burdens away, but it does mean He's going to help me and be to right beside me through it all.


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