Guess where I went this past August? Yep... a Disney Cruise!  We got lucky and were able to get on an end of the summer 3 night Bahamian Disney Cruise. I really love and enjoy a cruise vacation! On Friday we drove to Port Canaveral, FL.  Everyone was extremely excited and eagerly awaited to go over the bridge and see the ship waiting at the docks. I've cruised on Royal Caribbean in the past, before children, and I had a great time. But with Disney Cruise Line it's a whole different experience.  From the moment you pull up to the terminal, you feel like you are transported to a different place. I was like a giddy kid waiting to enter the ship and begin my magical vacation.

Because this was our second time on the Disney Dream, I wanted to get everything in that I missed. This time, we made it to the sail away deck party, there were characters, performers, and lots of people dancing and celebrating, as we waited for the ship to set sail.

We got early dinner seating on this cruise. Dinner was at 5:45pm, but it ended up being nice because we had the rest of the night to enjoy everything on the ship.  One of my favorite things about Disney Cruise Line is that there is something for everyone to do.

You definitely don't need to have kids to go on a Disney Cruise. But for those of us that do, there is plenty to keep them happily busy. This time around my youngest, who is now 4, was able to be with his brothers at the kids clubs.  

My oldest was able to go between the kids club and the tween club, so he was pretty busy all day long. They had so much fun throughout the day, and while they were busy having fun, this mama got to spend some much needed, me time.

On my downtime from mom duties, I roamed the ship, went to the gift shops, hit the fitness center, watched movies in my room, and I even checked out the art gallery. We'd then reunite for family time activities and meals.  Since we had already seen the all shows, we decided to catch a couple movies at the theater instead. We saw Pete's Dragon and the BFG. And there were plenty of character pic opportunities.

Pirate Night is always a highlight of the cruise. The firework show is quite spectacular, so much so that you could see other cruise ships stationed around to see the show. I mean who else does fireworks at sea?  No one.

The boys spent some time being part of the Midship Detective Agency. We walked around the ship looking for art that gave them clues to solve mysteries. We spend more time at the water activities and actually went to the pool.  

Though it was only a 3 night cruise it was so nice to relax and enjoy everything around us.  Having to leave is always sad, but I felt so relaxed that I was okay with having to get off the ship on Monday morning. Going back to reality wasn't as difficult this time around and it was really what I needed to be ready to start a new school year.  

I think it's important to escape once in awhile and enjoy the pleasures of life.  Adios Disney Dream, until next time!


  1. So want to do this Karen!! I worry if it is to Kiddish for Josh but from what you say he might have loads of fun. The food alone will get him excited. When is the best time to go?

  2. No way, there is a club just for kids his age and he will be so busy having fun. The clubs are designed appropriately for the kids. The younger kids 3-12 have acess to the Oceanears Club and Lab. The tweens, ages 11-14, have the Edge, their activites are less kiddie. Sebastian went here this time around and had a blast. They have games, competitions, experiements (like making flubber), paintings, etc. Their location is more relaxed for hanging out. Then Vide is the club for 14-17 year olds, cooler area for the older teens. I'm telling you there is something for eveyone in the family.

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