Planning Events and Making Memories

I can use just about any excuse to throw a party. Not everyone is cut out for planning events, but I think it's a gift I have, and I really enjoy it. It is exciting for me to start off with a blank slate and go through the creative process until the final product is reached. I've been fortunate that my church's social committee has asked me to be in charge of organizing showers for those getting married or having babies. I always have a theme for my parties, whether it's birthdays or showers. I think having a theme makes them unique, gives them individuality and creates a lasting memory of the event. Our kids have always had themed parties, our youngest son's 1st birthday was a Hawaiian Luau and last year for our 4 year old, the theme was a Star Wars. Prior to this year, I have done three baby showers with really neat themes, Coffee Shop, Royal Indian Luncheon, and Autumn Tea Party.

On Saturday night, January 30th, I organized a baby shower event for a friend. The theme was, Modern Chic Mom to Be. I normally pick the themes based on the time of year or personal interests. For this particular shower, the mom to be is a very chic working mom. The color scheme was black and white with hints of pink. It's not a color combination that would normally be used for a baby shower, but in this case it worked. Again, it's one of those things that makes the event special and sets it apart form all the others.


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