Why did I ever want to be an adult

Challenge Day: 49

Have you ever heard the expression, being down in the dumps? Well today that someone is me. I know the week is just beginning but I'm feeling really down. On days like these I sit back and think about the carefree life of a child. Why did I every want to be all grown up when I was a kid? Just last week I found myself telling my 6 year old not to rush wanting to grow up and enjoy being a child. Oh my, I sounded just like my father. I remembered his words like it was yesterday. I would tell him how I wanted to be an adult so I could do whatever I wanted. His reply was always the same, "enjoy being a child and do not rush to grow up, your childhood is a great time and you can't ever get those years back." He wished he could go back to being a kid, when life was fun and carefree.

Boy was he right! Today, I'm wishing I could go back to my childhood. I couldn't wait for the day that I would turn 21 because then I was totally legal, in society as well as in my father's eyes. Free to do what exactly? Why is it that we long to be adults? Okay, I do enjoy being an adult at times, but I just wish we could be carefree like a child.

I just got back from a vacation and I feel like I need another one. I feel like I'm at a job that I hate. You know that feeling of not wanting to wake up in the morning and wishing that this would all go away? This house is driving me crazy, I never thought that selling a house was going to be so difficult. So, yeah this was what I wanted to be all grown up for, to own my very own home and have to sell it to move. Bottom line, adulthood is stressful at times!

The one thing that keeps me going is the fact that, when I allow Him, God is guiding the way. When I feel that my life is spinning out of control, I put my trust in God because He is in control, even if I don't understand things. This afternoon on my way to my friend's house, for scrapbook night, I was listening to K-Love and heard God talking to me through the radio. He was reminding me that when we go through hard times we need to look at them as blessings. I began to remember the book I just finished reading, Squeeze the Moment, 31 Days to a More Joyful Heart. These are times when God is trying to teach us something and to rely on Him more. With every trail we will grow and learn. Days like today I realize that all I can do is cast my cares upon Him.


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