Why do we ask why all the time

Challenge Day: 50

I'm struggling today with thoughts of why? Why is this happening? Why are we going through this? Why are we going there? Why can't things stay as they are? Why am I so worried about what the future holds for us? I know God is in control of everything, but I think I fear not following His plan for my life because I may not see it. I'm not asking why because I don't trust or doubt God's plan for my life, it's more a question of what do You have in store for us, show me what you want for us because I may not see it.

I have to be honest in that I find it hard to know when God is talking to me, but it's just then when He shows me. Even though I hear Him talk to me through books, radio, or flat out answered prayers, I still find it hard to know what He is telling me about myself and my life. Really it's because, as much as I wish He were, He isn't physically here to talk to me. But He is here and he talks to me, He talks to all of us, we just don't stop to listen. But I also think that being able to listen has a lot to do with the relationship we have with Him.

So my dilemma lies in that we are all happy and fine right where we are. Well not everything is perfect, but life wise, we love it here. Why is that I now we have to move back to a place that for 12 years of my life I hated. All I can think is that if it is God's will to move, there is a reason and purpose for us to go. I'm am fully willing to go, if and only if it's God will. I don't mind change, it's going back to the same that worries me. I am documenting this because with time we will know why we were led back to Florida and I want to be able to answer my questions. So are hard as it is, I'm going to trust and wait in the Lord to show me His plans.


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