Servival of the fastest

Challenge Day: 53

I travel the same 5 mile stretch of freeway every day of the week to take and pick up my son from school. I realized today that in order to make in the driving world you have to be the fastest or be a bully. What happened to being courteous and giving people the right away when they need to merge because they are running out of road? For crying out loud, the freeway has 5 lanes do you really have to drive on the right lane when there is an on ramp and cars need to merge?

I have two major driving pet peeves, first is slow drivers, we all know just how frustrating they are. Second, is when I have put my turn signal in advance to let the cars behind me know that I need to change lanes and they blatantly don't move over or speed up but not enough to give me any room. It is then when I wish that real driving was like NASCAR and I could clip someones car and spin them out, but not to hurt them, just to make the point that they were rude. I let people get in and out of the lane if they have their turn signals on. Noticed I said turn signal, I don't exactly give, those too lazy to use the turn signal, a chance to get it. After all I have no idea they were wanting to change lanes, right? Now there are those people few and far between who are courteous.

Then there are those who totally break the speed limit and are zooming past me at 75 mph on a 55 zone. What's the hurry? Everyone is always in a hurry! Don't get me wrong I love speed, and I enjoy driving fast, but I also know I need to be careful. I'm not exactly keeper of the speed limit but I only go above it by 5-7 mph. Oh, and did I mention it was raining today? I think people see the rain and say, "Ooh wet slick roads, let's drive faster!" Needless to say, "Thank you Lord for keeping the boys and I safe whenever we get on the road."


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