The fine arts of cooking

Challenge Day: 16

I wrote in an earlier post about my love for cooking and how I enjoyed everything that went into making food. I am so excited because this weekend my best friend, who I think is one the best cooks I have ever met, taught me how to make Sushi. Not only is exciting to learn new recipes, but both my husband I like Sushi. We all know Sushi can get pretty expensive if you eat out, so now I can make it at home.

Here is a quick tutorial of what to do. Cook a cup of Sushi Rice, once it was ready add sushi rice vinegar. On a bamboo mat place seaweed, press a layer of rice on the seaweed, then on the end begin to add your filling layer by layer one on top of the other. Our veggie Sushi rolls had thinly sliced cucumber, avocado, carrot, and veggie meat. Next, roll bamboo over to create a roll and firmly press. Continue rolling and firmly pressing, once your roll is ready, slice and serve with soy sauce, we used a low sodium soy sauce. As Rachel Ray would say Yummo!


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