Living the example

Challenge Day: 5

The book that I am reading, The Power of the Praying Parent, has really opened my eyes to a lot of things. One of them being the importance of living the example for our children. It's common sense that we should live by example, but we don't do it. We want our kids to grow to be outstanding citizens yet they see their parents behaving in a manner that is contrary to that.It doesn't matter how much we tell our children how to be, ultimately they emulate what they see. Kids are like sponges they absorb everything they are surrounded by.

I am raising my boys to have good morals and characters, to be kind and loving, but if they don't see those qualities being practiced by their mom they won't pick it up. My husband uses the expression, "we are the sums of our experiences."Let's stop and think what are the experiences that our kids are taking in. Lets break the cycle from repeating itself. Just because we were raised a certain way doesn't mean we have to continue the cycle and raise our kids the same. We have the power to change. I am going to be and live the example of what I want my kids to grow up to be.


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