My own bakery

Challenge Day: 9

I didn't do much today, my oldest has been sick and stayed home today from school so I could start nursing his cold. The one other thing I did was think a lot about owning my own bakery. I have been thinking about this for a few months now. I worked yesterday again at my at my friend's office and while I sat at the desk, I thought about how impressive it was that she has her own business.

The idea of a bakery came to me when my friend suggested that I open up a cafe because I'm a good cook. I thought a cafe would be a lot of pressure and time consuming. I want to have my own business but I don't want to neglect my family in the process. I love to bake and the idea of having a bakery seemed exciting. I love going to a small bakery on Sunday morning and getting some pasties for breakfast. There is something special about baking and creating beautiful and tasty sweets that brighten peoples day. Cooking and baking are things that I am passionate about. I think the key to a successful business is loving what you do and being passionate about your product. I want to add a little sweetness to peoples lives.


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