He calms the storm

Challenge Day: 17

Today I woke up to what I find to be one the scariest things, a Tornado Warning. Being at home alone with the kids and waking up to rumbling thunder, lighting, heavy rain, and no power is quite frightening. I'm not one to be afraid of storms, but tornados freak me out. When I opened my eyes my first thought was, "let me check the weather." I got on my iPhone and our WiFi wasn't kicking on, I thought that was strange and then realized we had no power. I proceeded to check the local weather on my phone and went on the meteorologist blog, it read URGENT! possible tornado spotted, pretty close to my house.

We live a in residential area where there are a lot of houses, but small tornados have been known to hit. The warning was issued at 4:24am and when I saw the post it was 4:38am, a little late, and the kicker, the tornado sirens didn't even go off. I was able to get on the computer once the power came back and continued to track the storm. I was really scared, I didn't know if I should take my kids and head to the basement for the remainder of the storm. I decided to pray and ask God to keep us safe from the storm and calm me down. After I prayed, I kept checking updates and felt better as the storm began to calm. I was able to close my eyes for 50 mins before the alarm would ring for the beginning of another week of school.


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