... It's off to work I go

Challenge Day: 7

Today was the first time I worked outside the home since I before I had my first son. A friend needed some help at her business doing front desk duties and I was happy to take on the task. Even though I was happy to be working and making some money, I spent the night worried and stressed about leaving my 3 year old somewhere else for part of the day. I was still nervous in the morning, but I got up, made breakfast, packed lunches, and dropped my kids off at school and my friend's house. What made me feel better was how encouraging my boys were, they told me they were so happy that I was going to work and wished me well.

As I sat in the office, I thought about what it would be like to go back to work full time. It would have to be something that I was really passionate about and have someone who I trusted to watch my youngest. Though I missed my son, I felt good today because I was able to get dressed, put on make up, and work outside the home for a few hours. It was a boost for me and allowed me to feel that I could go back to work if I needed to. Being out made me realize even more how very blessed I have been to be able to stay home with my kids all these years.


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