Building cathedrals

Challenge Day: 3

I feel at times that my work as a mom goes very much unnoticed. My friend sent me an email just at the right time. It was an email about a mom who was telling her story about how she felt invisible. She was there for everything her kids needed and no one said thank you or acknowledge what she did everyday. One day she met up with a friend who had been on a fancy European trip. She felt a little out of place because she was just a stay at home mom and her friend was a well traveled person. The friend gave her a gift that she had brought back from her travels, it was a book about European Cathedrals. Her first thought was, "why would she give me this?", that was until she opened it and read the inscription. It read, "With admiration for the greatness of what you are building when no one sees."

I was having one of those invisible days today, the ones where certain events and comments make you feel like no one sees or understands all the hard work you do. It was the end of the story that made me realize that my work doesn't need to be seen. The writer said, "though man may not see all your hard work, there is one that does, God." That made me feel comfort and joy because my job is to raise my boys in the right path along with God's help, and as moms if that is our focus, it doesn't matter what anyone sees, because in the end we will see the result of what we have been building.


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