When stress weighs me down

Challenge Day: 13

Have you ever felt like everything is fine one minute and the next, stress is weighing you down? That's how I feel tonight after a conversation I had. I feel like just crawling into a ball and going to sleep for days. I think about one of my favorite poems, Don't Quit, in times like these because you feel like giving up, not on life but the situations that come your way. You know that feeling of, "When are things going to turn around for me?" There is a phrase in the poem that reads...When cares are pressing you down a bit, rest if you must, but don't you quit.

I have some friends that when I tell them I'm stress they automatically assume it's because I've been home all day everyday with my kids. To be quite honest, my kids aren't my stress, in fact they are great. It's the other facts of life, like money and so on, that lead to feeling helpless and feeling stuck. I get stressed when others take their stress out on me. I've had to work very hard not to do that to my kids. The best thing is to get away and get my frustrations out on my own, for me it's writing. I've learn the importance of not lashing out at my children when I am stressed, I don't want my kids to learn bad examples that they in turn will repeat themselves when they are parents.

So, though I'm feeling stressed right now, I'm going to pray and go to sleep, not for days as I would like, but for the night, and maybe tomorrow will be a brighter day.


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