The value of a stay at home mom

Challenge Day: 14

Every year Forbes magazine puts out their issue of the wealthiest people. A value is placed on these people based on their net worth and then they are ranked. Why does money have to be the factor in how people are perceived, respected and upheld in society? So I did some investigating, if a stay at home mom got paid for the work she did, how much would she earn?

In a report by ABC back in 2007, revealed that the annual income of a stay-at-home-mom, for they work they did, out in the business world would be... $138,646, that sounds about right. Obviously we are never going to get paid that kind of money for the work we do, but it feels good to know that we are worth six figures. There is greater value in being a stay at home mom though, we are the CEO's of our families. By making the choice to stay home it benefits our families in so many ways. Our children get the best care they could have, our husbands get the first hand attention they need, and our home is properly tended to.

Yes making money is great and would help many of us out, but we can also look at it from the saving stand point. Daycare alone runs an average of $300 a week. Then food, who wants to go home and cook after a long day at work, so you go out to eat instead. And if you don't want to cook, you'll much less want to clean, so you hire a cleaning service. You get the picture. I do miss having an income, I don't miss going out to work, but the value I place on my kids and family is worth much more than earning an income.


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