We all need to feel loved and acceptanced

Challenge Day: 10

Feeling loved and acceptance, that is the latest chapter from The Power of the Praying Parent. This chapter hit home with me because for a major part of my life I longed to feel loved and accepted. It is human nature to feel the need to be significant and wanted by those around us. We want to be the prettiest, smartest, most talented, and so on. Many years of feeling like an outcast negatively affected me and lowered my self esteem.

As I got older I realized that I needed to stop trying to be excepted and liked by everyone. So, instead I put up a wall so that no one could hurt me, and I became a not so nice person. It wasn't until the day I had children that I felt important, I now had these little beings that relied on me for everything and I was their hero. My boys changed my outlook on life and myself. It's important that we show our children that they are loved and accepted just as they are. No, not everyone they come across will accept them or love them, but if they feel love, acceptance, and security in their home, they will be able to face whatever the world may bring them.

I let boys know everyday how much I love them and how special they are in their own ways. In this chapter Stormie asks the parents to try a new task; look at your children straight in the eyes and touch their face and say, "I love you and you are special!" Molding our child's character starts with us, we are the ones who give them the ability to have self confidence or lack there of.


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