The gift that comes from giving

Challenge Day: 15

This afternoon I arrived in Nashville, TN to visit my best friend. I hadn't seen her since August, so we had a lot to catch up on. She told me an amazing true story about Christmas. I asked her if I could write about it on my blog, I thought it was such a wonderful and inspiring story that wanted others to hear it too.

This past Christmas a family decided to do something different, instead of buying themselves unnecessary gifts they decided to adopt a family in need from their church. Along with her husband's extended family they bought hundreds of dollars in gifts and gift cards for the family in need. This was an anonymous gesture as they didn't want praise or recognition, they just wanted the family to know that they were loved, cared for and thought of. They have no idea who the kind strangers were that did this, but I'm sure the family felt extremely thankful and blessed that Christmas day, I think both families were blessed that day. Helping those in need was Jesus mission when on Earth and that should be our mission as well.


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