"Paging nurse mommy to room 2"

Challenge Day: 6

Have you ever sat back and thought about the many roles we have as moms? This Winter I have been called to be a Nurse much more often than ever before. The only time they weren't sick was during the three weeks of our Christmas vacation that we spent in Orlando, Florida. Since we got back they have been sick what seems to be the entire month of January and now into February.

I managed to keep both my boys in good health in the past years, so much so that our Pediatrician was amazed that she only saw the boys for their annual checkups. This year however, has been a different story, my oldest began school and as you know they catch anything and everything at school. Then my oldest passes it onto my younger one. It's time to fight against that cold that will not go away.

As a child and even now as an adult, I remember the special care that my mom gave my brother's and I when we were sick. There is nothing like the personal care that a mom gives. She was our personal nurse, staying by our side and providing every care possible until we were fully recovered. Now it's my turn as a mom to be my kids personal nurse to oversee that their every need and illness be taken care of with full and complete attention, until they are well again. So with pride I put on my hat of "Nurse" to be the mom that my kids need to feel safe and taken care of.


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