Giving up Our Right to Be Right

Challenge Day: 19

That is something that is very difficult for us to do as human beings. We never want to be wrong and we want to make sure that people know we are right. The author said that when we behave in this manner we end up feeling tense and irritable and that giving up the right to be right is something that we should do for ourselves. It's an act that does not need to be approved by others or even noticed.

This past weekend on my way to Nashville, I witnessed first hand the act of NOT giving up your right to be right. I was at a stop light and in the opposite direction there was a lot of traffic due to a tornado that had caused damage the night before. A women realized she was in the wrong lane and put her turn signal to move into the other lane. The man in the car next to her wouldn't give her the chance to get in, so she accelerated and got in front of him. This man was not willing to give up his right to be right. In fact, he was so angry at what she has done that when the traffic stopped, he got out of his car and began banging on her window. He yelled at her, cursed at her, and demanded that she get out of the car and face him. I was really freaked out, he was so angry I thought he was going to pull out a gun on the woman. When the woman didn't pay him attention he got back in his car and continued his tantrum by honking continuously at her. There was really no reason for him to get that way, he lost one spot in traffic, but obviously there was more to it, he didn't want someone to take his right of being next to cross the intersection.

Today's task is to jot down an example of when we have given up our right to be right for someone else. The author gives this thought, "the next time you are at a four way stop, give the right away to someone else, and see how it makes you feel?" It's hard for to me to give up my right to be right, but I have been working on it lately. My most recent experience was when I got into a discussion with my husband and decided I wasn't going to continue proving my point until he realized I was right. Leaving the issue alone allowed us to later resolve it and everything was fine. Had I pushed my right to be right, it wouldn't have solved the problem and made it worse. Giving up your right to be right isn't such a bad thing.


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