Simplifying with Delight

Challenge Day: 22

I really enjoyed today's reading because I related so much to it. The author talked about getting rid of clutter in your life and not just from unnecessary items in your home, but also from within yourself. She defined simplicity as being freedom from useless accessories, ornamentation show, pretense, and clutter. To simplify your life mean to put things into prospective, like buying things out of necessity not want. If we want everything we see we end up with things we aren't even going to use. I highlighted the following paragraph in the book as I thought it was very inspirational.

Practicing simplicity involves prudence. I discovered this the hard way as I tripped over umpteen pairs of shoes I hadn't worn for years! Take it from me: Think twice before buying what you want. Buy what you need! Do we really need ten pairs of shoes, for example, or two irons and two can openers, or a television in each room? Can we enjoy our clothing for several seasons rather that adopting every fashion trend that comes along? Are we willing to live in a modest dwelling that is affordable and comfortable, rather than a showplace that drains our earnings each month? (Karen O'Connor, Squeeze the Moment 31 Days a More Joyful Heart)

I relate well to this because I am not a rat pack, in fact I love to give and throw away things I don't need or use. With getting our home ready for sale, I have spent the past six months getting rid of the clutter in my home. Though we don't have a lot of things, I still found so much to give and throw away. Since becoming a stay at home mom the concept of reusing clothes for several seasons has been one I put into practice. My trick is to check out the latest trends and try to recreate them with clothes that is already in my closet. There is always clutter to get rid of in our homes and our lives, we should always be diligent in keeping them clean.


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