Entering Someone Else's World

Challenge Day: 18

Back in September my aunt gave me a book for my birthday entitled Squeeze the Moment, 31 Days to a More Joyful Heart. I finally picked it up today and decided to spend the 31 days of March learning how to be more joyful. As moms there are many things that we should be joyful for, but sometimes amid the daily grind we may not see those joys. In the book the author tell a story in reference to the daily topic and then asks the reader to jot down their thoughts about what they read.

The author writes about a woman who recalls one of the first gifts that her husband gave her and how it wasn't something most women would think was romantic, it was a rod and reel. Fishing may not have been her thing, but her husband wanted to share his passions with his wife. Many years later she is grateful and joyous that she was able to enter her husband's world and share her life with him.

I've known several women who let their marriages get ruined by not wanting to enter someone else's world. Aside from the obvious things that a marriage needs, I think companionship is extremely important. Learning to enter a spouse's world is part of growing in a marriage. Today I'm asked to jot down something I have done for someone that has required me to enter their world. There are a lot of things that my husband and I have in common, but I did enter his world of SciFi. I've never cared for science fiction, but my husband loves it. He really wanted me to watch every Star Trek out there with him, and though reluctant, I did. I actually found the movies and the shows quite interesting, but the most important thing wasn't that I become a fan, it was sharing my time with him in his world. He has mentioned on several occasions how much it means to him that I cared enough to give him a chance to share his interests with me.


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