Listening with a Happy Heart

Challenge Day: 29

If anyone is like the author and I, who love to talk and talk, you know that listening sometimes is a difficult task. The author, Karen, tells about how as a child all she did was talk, at school, at home, at the dinner table, and on the phone, but she wasn't much of a listener. It's important that we take the time to listen to people. Sometimes listening to someone is the best thing you can so for them. I too remember when I was young, I got into a lot of trouble at school for talking in class. I think I took all the talking genes in my family because I can talk like there is no tomorrow.

I also now how frustrating it is when someone doesn't listen to what I am saying, so I am working on really listening to what people have say. Listening is a hard task because I'm used to thinking of what I'm going to say next, what advice or suggestion would be best. However, I know there have been times when I'm listening to a friend and may not know what to say, but they were grateful that I was there to listen. Sometimes that's all we need, a listening ear. People can't always solve problems, but just to know that you can talk to someone and get things of your chest makes you feel better.

Lately I have found myself talking more to God. He may not respond in words at the very moment, but I know He listens to my every word. It's comforting to know that though He isn't physically present, he wants to hear me and help me. I never truly understood what prayer really was until recently when I began reading a book about the power of prayer. I'm making it a point to squeeze the moment and take the time to listen to others and God.


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