Nourishing the Body and Spirit

Challenge Day: 39

I just finished reading chapter 13 of The Power of the Praying Parent, it talked about having the desire to live a healthy. Today's chapter in this book is about nourishing your body and spirit. The authors recalls a time when she went to visit her daughter and son in law in Morocco. While visiting she learned one of their customs which they referred to as "afternoon visits". At around 4 pm neighbors would go out and visit other neighbors without any advance notice or planning. No one complained about it or found it inconvenient. Upon returning to the United States she missed attending afternoon visits and wished that we had customs like that here in the US. As time passed she forgot about it until one day on her birthday she received a call from a friend who was inviting her over for an unexpected birthday lunch. That day she was nourished by her friends meal, friendship, and kind gesture.

As I read the chapter I thought about how important being in the company of good friends is. I wrote in an earlier post about how I get together with two of my friends every Tuesday night to have dinner and scrapbook. The companionship of my friends is a great way to nourish my spirit. I also enjoying having people over to my home for a meal. Having friends to share a meal and a conversation is good a thing. I also thought about how one of the things I've been looking forward to when we move to Florida is to have my family over for dinner, just because, no special occasion needed. I don't have to friends down there like I do here but I hope that in time I'll be able to fellowship with new friends. One of the my favorite things about visiting my best friend is spending time together doing the things we enjoy, cooking, eating and talking. We were made for companionship and to share with one another. The Praying Parents group that I attend every Thursday has been such a blessing, five of us moms get together to talk about our experiences, share ideas, and pray for one another.

When we do something kind for others we nourish ourselves with unexpected joy.


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