Appreciating a Second Chance

Challenge Day: 24

Today's chapter really hit home with me. I have just in the last couple of weeks been given a second chance and know the feeling. The author (Karen) tells about a time that she was given a second chance. She lived in a condo where she had a neighbor above that had grown a plant that was hanging down into her condo. It really bothered her because it was in her space and part of the plant was dying. She was so frustrated by it she wanted to cut it. Her husband told her to leave it alone because it wasn't her plant. She didn't listen and one day she took her sheers and cut the plant. Her reasoning was that she pruned it so that it could grow healthier. When she returned home, later that day, she heard a women crying and talking to someone about how a cruel person mutilated her plant. Karen felt so bad, she had to run up and apologize for what she had done. She went out and bought the prettiest plant she could find for her neighbor. The neighbor was appreciative of her honesty and the gift and forgave her. Karen said she was able to go on that night knowing that she was given a second chance.

I too recently have been given a second chance from a very important person in my life. I messed up and lied for years about something. There is nothing more horrible than the feeling of hurting someone and letting them down. After everything was said and done this person chose to forgive me and give me a second chance. God also was giving me a second chance to make things right and to do right from now on. I had to confess my sin, not because of the consequence, but because I was truly sorry for what I had done and for hurting someone I deeply cared for. My second chance fells like a start over, I have a clean slate and I have to ability to do things right this time and that feels good. God gives us second chances over and over again, we too can the same and give someone a second chance.


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