Turning Darkness into Light

Challenge Day: 25

When we go through valleys of darkness how do we come to the light? Many of us see the dark periods in our life as hopeless times and yet we don't realize that the light, God, is right there in front of you. Today the author told two stories about two women who saw the light amid the darkness. First, was Fanny Crosby, who had been living in literal darkness since the age of six weeks. She didn't let that stop her from becoming one of the most well known women of the 19th century. It was her deep trust and joy in the Lord that allowed her to see her challenges as an opportunity instead of a tragedy. Next was Pearl Buck, winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1938. While living in China, there was a time of revolt and they were taken captive. She had written her first novel there and had been destroyed along with their home. Upon being released from captivity she not only felt freedom, but joy in knowing that all material things can be replaced, but human life and relationships are more valuable.

Today I asked to tell of a dark time in my life when I was able to turn darkness into light. I can't think of one specific time to talk about, but I will say that looking back on the dark times I went through, I didn't see how it could be turned into light. It's really hard for human beings to see things in a positive light, so we focus on all the darkness around and miss the light. I wish I could say that I was like the two ladies in the stories, but as I grow older, I'm starting to see the good in all situations. We have to know that though we walk through darkness, it's not what God wants for us, He will help us turn that darkness into light if we let Him. Going through darkness often helps us grow closer to God, but it's important that we also grow with him through the light.


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