Enjoying the Gift of Music

Challenge Day: 36

Music is something that can be used for both good and evil. I can tell you first hand about the influences of music in my life. I have been around music most of my life. I began playing instruments at a young age and have been involved in bands and choirs thought the years. There have been a few times in my life when I have found myself wrapped up in secular music and noticed the negative influence it had. Most recently, I found that I needed to clean my iPod out because a lot of what I had on there was music that didn't glorify God and my boys were learning it. They have such great memory, they can memorise anything very quickly. It was when I heard my boys singing secular music and not knowing what they were saying, that it hit me, I had to turn on the Christian station and have them fill their little brains with uplifting inspiring music that glorified God. This year the words of the music I hear on the Christian station have been so comforting to me and have helped me coupe through the tough times. Another time in life when I got rid of secular music was when I had spent sometime away from God. When I finally chose to return to Him I realized I had been filling my life with music that was not conducive to what a Christian girl should be listening to. I found that when I changed the music I listen to my mood and character changed and depression went away.

Music is a gift, whether you have musical talent of not, music is an influential element in our lives. Today's chapter talks about the studies and effects that music has on patients. Lively music helped people with low circulation and low vitality. Soft soothing music was a remedy for delirium and night terrors. I exposed my boys as babies to classical music at bedtime to sooth them and help them sleep peacefully throughout the night. I found that I work best with lively fast paced music when it comes to cleaning the house. When I sit down to write I listen to inspirational or instrumental music to help me focus. At our church we have a praise and worship service before the sermon. I think that lifting our voices up in praise prepares us to receive the spiritual nourishment of the sermon. Most people listen to music and don't really pay any attention to the lyrics, and don't realize the impact that music is having on their hearts, minds and soul.

Come, let us sing for joy to the Lord; let us shout aloud to the Rock of our salvation.
Psalm 95: 1


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