Stepping Out with Gladness

Challenge Day: 26

The author recalls the day that her father picked her up from school on her 10th birthday and took her to the lake to ice skate. It was one of the most memorable times she had, she felt joyful and secure skating hand in hand with her dad. Many years later, she was invited to her granddaughters birthday party, which was being held at an ice skating rink. She agreed to attend but said she won't be skating. By the time the party came she had decide to skate and would step out in gladness on the ice for her granddaughter. Though she was scared and wished her dad was there to hold her hand, she realized that God was there helping her though this. If God would help her through something like ice skating he would most definitely be there for her for all the bigger things in life.

I was asked today to write about a time when I challenged myself to try something new. Starting my own blog was something new I wanted to try. Part of me thought it was great idea and a great way to help me practice my writing. The other part of me was scared, "what if people read my blog and hate it?" I consulted my husband on his thoughts on staring my own blog, he thought it was a good idea. His support and positive attitude gave me reassure my to take the step to begin this blog. I struggled with it this past year, but I have challenged myself to be persistent with my writing this year . What may or may not come of this, whoever may or may not read it, I'm glad I did it. It's fulfilling enough for me to know that I had the courage to venture out and start a blog.


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