Choosing to Love

Challenge Day: 31

The author recalls the story of her friend, Kris, that was caring for her aging parents. The responsibility of their care rested solely on her because she was an only child and that made it extra hard. Her parents would go over to eat a few times a week. Just when things started to become overwhelming, something wonderful happened, her husband began pitching in. One day when her mom was having a really hard time and was being irritable, Kris's husband held her hand and said, "Mom let's have some ice cream!" He knew it was her favorite, at that instance she changed her demeanor. That action not only changed her mom, but Kris too, she saw her husband in a new light. She knew that she could always count on his love and kindness no matter what happened later in life. That night everyone experienced joy all because her husband chose love over negativity.

The human heart cannot love the way God wants us to love, unless we first open our hearts to Him. It's God and God alone who can teach us to love, for God is love. My pastor once told me that when we look at people through God's eyes we will see them in a different light. Today's task is to write down an original poem or psalm about what 1 Corinthians 13 says. The love descried in this chapter, to me, is a love that is pure and unconditional, just as God's love is. I am by no means a poet, so don't laugh, but here is my "poem."

God I give you my heart
and want to do my part
to have it be more like yours.
Teach me to love as you love me
Open my eyes so that I can see
others as you see them.
And may Your love shine
through this heart of mine.


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