Becoming a Stream in the Desert

Challenge Day: 21

Today's story was about the author's father in law, Charlie, and of a story he used to tell about Black Tuesday. The day before the start of the great depression he was going to go to the bank and withdraw some money, but never got a chance and the next day the stock market crashed. He ran into his friend, Miles Butler, and told him what had happened. Miles had $700 cash, all he had left, and gave Charlie half. Many years later, 60 to be exact, the author's husband came across a woman with the last name Butler and he mentioned the story to her. A few days later the woman returned to the store with a message, Miles Butler had been the brother of her paternal grandfather.

The things we do in our lives make an impact, whether good or bad, on peoples lives for much longer than we think. Today's task was to consider when we have been through the desert of life and have found a stream, or when we have been a stream for someone in the desert. I have been through a few rough patches in my life and I have come across a few people who have been streams for me. God can use people to help you make it through the dry desert of life. The fact that God sent these people into my life made a difference. Just like Miles made a difference in Charlie's life that dark day October 29, 1929.


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