I Love the 80's!

This year my husband celebrates his 30th year of life. On April 18th I threw him an 80's themed party, fit for a man born and raised in the 80's. The hall was decorated in neon colors and balloons. I made posters that represented the 80's, Movies, Songs, Iconic Things, and a Pac Man Happy Birthday sign. The hall was sectioned into 4 areas. The first was a mini movie theater where you could catch the classic film Back to the Future. The second was the arcade, I had two old televisions set up with Pac Man and Atari. Third was the gaming area, where you could challenge a player to a game of Ping Pong or Foosball. Last was the food court, serving nachos, cheese puffs and of course fruit punch Kool-Aid. At the center on each table was a boom box and 80's candy such as fun dips, pixie stix, and blow pops. I had an 80's cake made with my husband's picture on it of when he was 5 years old. Around the cake table I had 80's toys that my husband and I still have like ALF, a gremlin, my cabbage patch doll, and a Rubik's cube. And of course, the party wouldn't be complete without the great hits of the 80's. I was very excited to see my family and friends dressed up in a variety of 80's outfits. I went with a Madonna look, while my husband sported the Miami Vice look, and my boys were punks, they really enjoyed their Mohawks for the day. I have to say it's one of the funnest and creative parties I have ever done.


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