The Real Family Feud

April came and went much quicker than March did. I lost track of time and didn't even post a single blog, so much for writing more in a April. There were things that kept me busy this month that are worth blogging about and the first is the family drama from my husband's extended family.

Every family has their issues, but I must say my family's issues pale in comparison to the drama that my husband's extended family has put in the works. It's extremely sad and terrible when family chooses to create conflict instead of helping one another out. My mother in law passed away in September of 2009. She had nothing when she passed away, leaving my husband and I responsible for her funeral expenses. That wasn't something that we had ability or funds to take on. Everyone in her family put in their two cents about how to put her to rest, but when it came down to what really mattered, how to pay for all those expenses, no one stepped up to the plate. They were asked if they could help out in anyway and their response was not what we expected. They were offended that we asked for help and even had the gall to say that we were demanding them to pay the bill. Yeah, these are actually family members saying this, can you believe it?

It is so awful how my husband's aunts have been behaving. And if things weren't bad enough, they took it upon themselves to go behind my husband and sister in law's back and purchase a $3,000 tombstone, when we still have a outstanding funeral bill. We had agreed that once the funeral bill was paid then we would purchase a tombstone. These selfish women have caused a family feud all because they want a tombstone at her grave so they can locate her site and pray to it. I guess they have become pagan since they have a need to pray to a stone. Needless to say, they have not been able nor will be able to place the tombstone until the bill gets paid. They are being pretty bratty about it, claiming that my husband is going to tear the family apart if he doesn't let them do what they want. I could go on and on, but I'm stopping here.

The bright side is that throughout all of this we have been blessed, there are people who are not family that are stepping up and helping out. Do I believe in "Karma"? I try not to even though it sounds nice, but I do believe that in life you definitely reap what you sow.


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