Fitness Review

I have hit a bump on the road to fitness. In March I began to get discouraged about the fact that I had not lost any weight. Is the video not working, am I doing something wrong? I reduced my food portions and cut down on sweets, so what was the problem? The video does work, my friend Diana started working out just a couple days after me and when I last talked to her back at the beginning of April she had already lost 21 pounds. Both Diana and my husband helped me realize that it's about consistency and working out more days. I was not going to see results working out 3-4 days a week, especially with all the weight I have on.

The week after Valentine's Day I got sick and I wasn't working out on a regular basis. It took me almost a month to get better as I was diagnosed with bronchitis and it took about a week after that for the antibiotics to make me better. I was going to begin working out 5-6 days a week after Easter weekend. Then after my husband's birthday party, then in May, and now I'm pushing it to June. In the last few weeks, I lost 5 pounds because I have not been eating as mush as before. But for the record I'm not starving myself. Once I begin working out again I will record my fitness progress on a monthly basis.


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